CLAS by Lynda

"Do you have the habits to age gracefully?

Body Thrive cracks the code of 10 essential, daily body habits from Ayurveda and Yoga.  Take up the 10 habits and you will generate a body that is strong and at ease, a mind that is clear and sharp, dynamic relationships, and an unmistakable connection to spirit."                                                                                    Source:  Body Thrive, author and founder Cate Stillman


I reach out to the many like-minded individuals who are only just now discovering that thriving is their natural state and that friends, guides and admirers are only ever a nod away.

I guide committed groups of women through a 10 week program that draws from the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga.  You can expect individualized shifts in diet and lifestyle habits to restore balance and re-establish calm, while harmonizing with the rhythms of nature.  You will learn a daily self-care regime for your personal constitution (dosha).  You will honour your inner wisdom at all times.  

We are a product of our habits.  Shifting habits meaningfully and sustain-ably requires skill in habit evolution, a coach and a tribe.  If you have been, are about to, or are going through a disruptive event, you are poised to embody more positive ways of being.  I will guide you into your potential.  As a tribe, we nurture and co-create.  We support through the tougher times and celebrate each incremental shift - the very shifts that are rewarded with impact-full, positive change in the way you feel.  We raise our own bar, align our actions, and own our results.  

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