Movement, Breath and Stillness

If mobility, resiliency, balance, coordination and strength were not reasons enough, this quote convinces me that a consider approach to movement is well worth my attention and action.  

"Movement is critical to every other brain function, including memory, emotion, language and learning.  Our higher brain functions have evolved from movement and still depend on it."  John J. Ratey, MD Harvard Medical School from User's Guide to the Brain

Age-less-ness is served by movement that is functional and so I explore and practice here.  My focus is on how the movements are done so that we may reconnect with our sensory motor system.  Though the modalities are varied, the principles are consistent:  make it personal, less is more, simple to complex, move in a pain-free range of motion, nurture effortless effort, find the rhythm and, ... you will never be rushed.  

Breath and meditation practices stand alone or augment movement so that body, mind and spirit are served and the experience is one of greater freedom, aliveness, inter-connectedness, ease and space.

No matter the technique, the practice is always one of self-sovereignty.  You are encouraged to honour your own wisdom at all times.