Personal Wellness

It is our nature to thrive.  By observing nature and syncing to its rhythms, be they day, seasonal or lifetime, we ride with its energies to greater space, thrive, and longevity. 


You arrive in your state through your diet and lifestyle habits.  Some of them may serve you and probably, if you often feel dis-ease, anxious, overwhelm, pain, or any form of imbalance, some of them do not. 


As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, I will work with you to harness natures energies such that you may be more the way you want to be with your day.  Self-care is an oft overlooked, underappreciated practice in our contemporary culture.  Attention to nutrition, sleep, and energy strategies tailored specifically to your unique constitution and state set the stage for space in your day.  You wake up.  You feel better.  You live longer. 


We need clear space to connect to our greater awareness, our inner selves; to live awake and well.  With awareness, space is accessible to pause, breathe, sense, think and live a more conscious, easeful life.